Retirement after 50 years of work at CHEMET SA. Less than a month ago, Mr. Roman Czyż retired after 50 years of work at CHEMET S.A. Why so many years at CHEMET? It all started with the factory school in 1973, which Mr. Roman graduated as a turner, and then started working at the Production Department as a turner, driller and operator of a four-spindle drilling machine. What did Mr. Roman do privately? In the years, the young man was an athlete – he practiced weightlifting and football in a team LKS – Boronów. Currently, he is a pigeon breeder and participates in pigeon flights with great success. On behalf of the Management Board of the Company, thanks for the years of work were expressed by the Head of Production, Production Manager and all the coworkers. Dear Mr. Czyż, we wish you all the best, spend your time actively, and we are keeping our fingers crossed for your further sports successes.