Social responsibility

The CHEMET Group is a global brand, but strongly associated with its place of origin. We identify ourselves with the local community of Silesia and Tarnowskie Góry, as well as regions of France such as Nowa Akwitania and Dolny Ren.

We understand that as a large economic entity we have a great influence on our surroundings. We try to monitor the problems and needs of our employees and inhabitants of the region on an ongoing basis and take an active part in creating a more friendly reality for us all.

We are committed to

Sponsorship agreement with TS Gwarek

The saying “sport is health” is as common as it is true, so it is worth supporting various sports initiatives. It is an important activity for the benefit of society, especially today, when backyards are empty and the civilization’s disease of obesity is affecting younger and younger people. That is why Chemet is a strategic sponsor of TS Gwarek.

Youth education

Chemet is one of the largest employers in the Tarnogórski district. We are constantly observing the changes taking place on the local and global labour market and we want to help young people in their professional activity. That is why we signed an agreement with the Silesian University of Technology and the Complex of Technical and Service Schools in Tarnowskie Góry, i.e. the popular Kolejowka. Already in September, a class will start in this school to educate electric rail transport technicians, which will equip future graduates with knowledge and skills sought after on the labour market.

Support for employees

The profits of the company are earned by the people employed in it. For their work to be effective, the company should make every effort to make the employees feel good and safe. Financial security has a huge impact on the psychological comfort of every person, therefore, apart from decent salaries and timely payments, Chemet provides its employees with a loan fund, which offers help in difficult situations on convenient, preferential terms.

Chemet without barriers

In Poland about 5 million people are disabled. On a daily basis, they face many obstacles that hinder their normal functioning. Social barriers are disappearing, but much remains to be done in terms of urban planning and architecture. Being aware of this, we have adapted the entire Chemet Business Center office building to the needs of people with disabilities – you can move around in a wheelchair without obstacles. This is confirmed by a certificate granted to us by the District Social Council for Persons with Disabilities at the Tarnogórski Starost.

Fight against smog

Smog is one of the biggest problems in Silesia. As a company from the LPG industry, we have the knowledge that can contribute to the reduction of air pollution resulting, among others, from burning coal. We are happy to share this knowledge during various meetings. In November 2017, we took part in the 1st TarnogórskaAntysmog Conference “High awareness ≠ Low emission”, whose aim was to promote solutions aimed at reducing the occurrence of smog in Tarnogórska district. We were represented by the Vice President of the Management Board, Mr. Piotr Frycz, who gave a presentation on the benefits of using LPG both in households and in automotive gas installations. We are open to participation in other meetings and projects of this type dedicated to the fight against low emissions.

Charity activities

We believe that a high position on the market obliges – we have the ability to provide help where it is needed and we try to do it. Often it is an emergency aid, such as organized collections for the seriously ill or local animal shelters. We support other projects on a regular basis, such as the Foundation for Cardiac Surgery Development named after Professor ZbigniewReliga in Zabrze.