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President of the Management Board

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Commercial Operations Director

Our team

75 years of history means three generations of employees, who have contributed throughout all the years to the current market and technological position of CHEMET. Intergenerational exchange of views and experiences, contributes to the continuous improvement of professional qualifications of our employees and identification with the company, its objectives and specialization. Today CHEMET GROUP employs over 1100 employees, among them nearly 1000 people involved directly and indirectly in production processes.

Management and engineering personel

The core of our team constitutes a nearly 70-person group of experienced engineers and technicians, responsible for design and production processes as well as quality control.

The strong brand and market position of the Company have also been the result of dynamic activities of the Sales and Marketing Department, where we also employ highly qualified specialists in the field of pressure equipment, who have a long experience in co-operation with home and foreign partners and in-depth knowledge of specific industries served.

Design and construction office

Our design and construction offices operates within the Technical Department. This Department specializes primarily in designing pressure vessels and unit process equipment, in particular, in preparation of workshop documentation for production departments.

The office also consists of the technology and welding sections. It is responsible primarily for the preparation and implementation of new production and welding technologies, so that CHEMET can increase its competitive advantage on the market and expand its market offer in the range of process equipment.

75 years of history

The first years of the company


German “SEIFERT” Machine Factory opens in the existing plant a production subsidiary specializing in the production of pipelines made of weldless and welded pipes, lightweight steel constructions and vessels.


After the war, the state-owned Machine Factory concentrates on the production of welded and bent pipelines. Gradually, from the early 1950s, the Company’s production profile begins to evolve in the direction of chemical equipment – ammonia vessels and coolers, brine vessels, heat exchangers, and interstage coolers. In 1955 the Company starts its export activities – first deliveries of industrial equipment to the USSR, Iran, China and Korea. Starting from 1961, the Company focuses exclusively on the production of chemical equipment.

Rapid development


1968-1975 The Company changes its name to Works of Chemical Equipment CHEMET and soon the largest modernization of the plant begins, among others, launch of technological line for the production of portable vessels for liquid chlorine.


Numerous international approvals and certifications are granted to CHEMET, including TÜV Hannover for the production of portable vessels for chlorine, ammonia and freon. The Company also signs a licence agreement with ABB LHT for the production of air coolers.

The LPG Time


The dynamic growth of demand for aboveground LPG vessels in Germany contributes to extending the range of CHEMET’s assortment. The Company obtains all the necessary certificates required for export of LPG vessels for the German market.


CHEMET receives the American ASME Quality System Certification with U-stamp for the production of boilers and pressure vessels. At the same time, the production of LPG vessels for the Polish market is launches, in accordance with the requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection. Conversion of the plant in to a joint stock company – Works of Chemical Equipment CHEMET S.A.


The Company is awarded the ISO 9001 quality certificate issued by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd. Completion of the investment in Strzybnica – opening the plant producing aboveground and underground LPG vessels with yearly capacity of 8000 units. Launch of the Company’s restructuring plan.

A decade of change
and innovation


The privatization of the Company and completion of the restructuring process. Implementation of the serial production of modular LPG filling stations in co-operation with EMGAZ. The dynamic growth of demand for aboveground LPG vessels in Germany contributes to extending the range of CHEMET’s assortment. The Company obtains all the necessary certificates required for export of LPG vessels for the German market.


The rapid development of production of tank car tanks for LPG, chlorine, ammonia and other chemicals. The serial production of LPG stations. 2005 Implementation of SAP R/3 integrated computer system, class ERP II.


The research project with NOT and the Cracow University of Technology in the design and manufacture of cryogenic ISO-container to transport LNG and atmospheric gases – oxygen, argon and nitrogen. Launching an assembly line for the production of tank car tanks made of acid resistant steel.


Construction of the first modular LPG stations in South Africa and introducing LPG vessels to Russian and Middle East markets. The research project with NOT and the Cracow University of Technology in the design and production of series of stationary cryogenic tanks for LNG storage and atmospheric gases. Starting, as the first company in Poland, the production of complete LNG tank installations (regasification stations).

Present time


Construction of the first LNG regasification station in Poland. In 2012 only four installations of this kind were commissioned in southern Poland.


Completion of the design, production and certification processes of a first complete railway tank car for transportation of hydrocarbon gases (e.g.: propane, butane, LPG and their mixtures) with nominal volume of 112 m3.


Relocation of our second Production Department to 167 Zagórska street in Tarnowskie Góry. In the the new location we opened production lines for LPG tanks and railway tanks.


Acquisition of assets of the French competitor GLI SAS. Establishment of the daughter company in the French market of CHEMET GLI SAS. The company is fully internationalized.

Experience and quality

EXPERIENCE AND QUALITY – for more than 75 years these two key factors have enabled us to build a solid base for CHEMET’s stable growth in the pressure equipment industry.

It is our long year experience in designing, manufacturing and assembling of pressure vessels and equipment and the strict compliance with rigorous quality procedures, which both have contributed to the international recognition of our company’s products.

Today, combining tradition with latest technologies, we develop innovativeness in CHEMET and we adjust flexibly to our customers’ requirements and needs in the following products groups – railcar tanks, products and services for the LPG market, transportable pressure vessels for liquid gases and pressure process equipment. On the regional level (Middle-East Europe) CHEMET has conquered unquestionable position of the highest quality pressure vessels manufacturer for the LPG market – the LPG vessels are mainly manufactured for the house central heating installations and dynamically growing European network of LPG filling stations.

Inviting your company to future co-operation, we hope that our experience combined with the final quality of our products and services will contribute to a successful execution of your investment projects and installation renovations. From our past activities we conclude that close co-operation with our customers has always been a positive stimulus for further development.

The team of CHEMET GROUP

Membership in organisations

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